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The devastation of losing a loved one to suicide is overwhelming, to say the least. It is something you should never have to endure, but unfortunately, it does happen. Sadly, there is additional work needed to clean up the area where the suicide occurred.

Depending on the method of suicide, there could be biohazardous materials that remain in the area. These can be toxic and dangerous to the health of others who inhabit the premises. Proper cleanup is necessary to return the space to a safe place to live or work. There can also be physical property damages involved, requiring repairs and reconstruction.

Why Professional Cleanup Is Advised

It’s not mandatory to hire a professional service to clean up after a suicide. However, it’s strongly recommended that you do so for several reasons:

  • Emotional duress. The situation you are experiencing is very stressful and traumatic. Your stress will be multiplied if you’re faced with the reality of cleaning up the remains.
  • Health risks. Biological materials like bodily fluids can carry dangerous biohazards. Exposure could result in disease and illness. Contagions like Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, MRSA, and even COVID-19 can exist in these remains.

Professional suicide cleanup professionals, like PureOne Services St. Louis, are highly trained, well-equipped, experienced and skilled to carry out any biohazard removal and cleanup services effectively. It takes the right equipment, high-quality detergents/solvents, and appropriate skills to clean blood thoroughly.

Hire the Right Cleanup Company

Choosing a suicide cleanup company that gets it right the first time is essential to your health and safety. When you’re in the unfortunate position of looking for a suicide cleanup company, you may not be thinking clearly. Here are traits that PureOne Services St. Louis has that can give you peace of mind.

  • We emphasize the need for understanding and empathy when dealing with loved ones of a suicide victim. We use discretion and take great care to protect your privacy.
  • Experience and Training. We have many years of experience cleaning up suicide scenes. We are certified in biohazard cleanup, so we follow strict guidelines to ensure complete cleanup and sanitization.
  • Safe Practices. We use the proper equipment and gear to protect our technicians and the building’s occupants from exposure to and further spread of bacteria.
  • Emergency Services. Because tragic events can happen at any time, and prompt cleanup is necessary, 24/7 availability is mandatory. PureOne Services St. Louis is available for immediate response day or night.

Our Cleanup and Sanitization Process

PureOne Services St. Louis uses a proven and effective process to clean and sanitize all affected areas on your property.

  1. On-Scene Assessment. We will assess the scene on-site to determine the extent of damage and biohazards.
  2. Once biohazards are identified, we will properly cordon off the suicide scene area and contain the biohazards.
  3. Cleanup and Sanitization. We use specially made industrial-grade disinfectants, professional techniques, and ozone treatments to clean and sanitize surfaces, remove stains, and eliminate odors.
  4. Insurance Claim Filing. We can assist in filing insurance claims, if applicable.

The Professional Cleanup Company that Cares

We know suicides are sensitive situations that need to be handled compassionately. We emphasize not only professional proficiency, but the need for empathy and kindness on the part of all our technicians.

We hope you never have to call us for suicide cleanup. But if you’re ever in that unfortunate position, we are here to help.

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