COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

COVID-19 Disinfecting

Professional COVID-19 Disinfecting Services for Your Business or Commercial Property

COVID-19 disinfecting services is something you need if you operate a business where employees and visitors come to your workplace. The risk of COVID-19 infection during this pandemic can make you and others extremely anxious. PureOne Services St. Louis can lower that level of anxiety with our deep cleaning and disinfecting services.

You probably already know the necessity and importance of sanitizing your commercial building. Hiring a company to get the job done right is the challenge. After all, any company can claim success until proven otherwise. The more you know about what’s needed to deactivate the virus and stop the spread, the better decisions you can make.

Not Just the Standard Cleaning Process

Sanitizing and disinfecting the physical environment to rid it of the Coronavirus isn’t a simple cleaning task. It requires professional knowledge, training, and equipment to do it right.

At PureOne Services St. Louis, we follow a 3-step process for thorough and effective disinfecting your facility.

  1. Disinfect High-Touch-Point Surfaces. High-Touch-Point surfaces should be wiped clean so that the EPA recommended disinfectant can work properly. . These surfaces can include doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, phones, desks, vending machines, and other common-use items and areas.  Once wiped clean, disinfectant is applied.
  2. Electrostatic Spray. We use a commercial electrostatic sprayer to apply EPA-approved disinfectants. This technology provides much better coverage and can get into crevices that can’t be reached by hand.
    The disinfectant that passes through the sprayer is electrostatically charged. That means it will stick to surfaces and coat them on all sides to apply a complete coating of disinfectant to all objects in the sprayed areas. The technology also atomizes any respiratory droplets in the air. Everything, including the indoor air environment, is sanitized.
  1. Fogging. Finally, we use an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) fogger to release a disinfecting fog into the environment as an extra step to ensure all areas are sanitized.

Safe and Effective Disinfection

Although the disinfectants we use are not harmful to humans or animals,  we do ask that you evacuate your building of all individuals during the disinfection process. People may return to work one hour after treatment. The disinfecting products must be allowed to remain for 5-10 minutes on surfaces.

All of our technicians wear the proper PPE that meets strict health and safety protocols, when necessary. All cleaning and disinfecting solutions we use are safe and approved by the EPA. Our cleaning methods also follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for hazardous materials.

Let Us Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

It’s a tough time we’re all going through right now. Let PureOne Services take one of the stressors off your plate by keeping your commercial facility sanitized. Your employees, customers, and visitors will feel more comfortable in the building, knowing that it doesn’t impose the risk of contracting the dreaded Coronavirus.

Whether you’re a school administrator, business owner, property manager, restaurant owner, or retail store manager, you have an obligation to protect your building’s inhabitants. Let us help minimize the impact of COVID-19 on you and others with our cleaning and disinfecting services.

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