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It is emotionally devastating to deal with the death of a loved one in any circumstances. It’s especially difficult when the deceased passes alone. Added to the psychological effects is the responsibility to clean up the premises following the death.

The phrase “unattended death” refers to a death where the deceased was allegedly alone at the time of passing. The duration between death and discovery could be days, weeks, or months. The longer it takes to clean up, the more invasive the biohazards and property damage.

Even though the death may not have been the result of a crime committed, law enforcement usually must be summoned to investigate. That results in other materials left on the scene to clean up, like fingerprint residue.

Don’t Attempt to Clean Up Yourself

Cleaning up after the unattended death of a loved one should be left to the professionals. Aside from the emotional trauma you’re experiencing, there are also safety hazards to consider.

In cases of a death or accident where blood is present, there is a risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens (BBP) and biohazards ranging from viruses like Hepatitis to bacteria like MRSA. Professional cleanup companies use a safety-focused process to rid the area of bacteria and pathogens that can put people and animals at risk of contamination.

Our technicians are equipped with the PPE needed to safely clean the scene. They use industrial-grade cleaning materials and solutions that are not available to the typical layperson. These cleaners effectively clean and sanitize the are to remove any infectious germs.

Our Cleanup and Sanitization Process

PureOne Services St. Louis emphasizes the need for compassion, discretion, and understanding to all our technicians. These traits are as, if not more, important as complete and effective cleanup.

We follow a process for cleaning and sanitizing the scene that includes:

  1. On-Scene Assessment. We will assess the scene on-site to determine the extent of damage and biohazards.
  2. Once biohazards are identified, we will properly cordon off the area and contain the biohazards.
  3. Cleanup and Sanitization. We use specially made industrial-grade disinfectants, professional techniques, and ozone treatments to clean and sanitize surfaces, remove stains, and eliminate odors.
  4. Insurance Claim Filing. Homeowners insurance commonly covers the cost of unattended death cleanup. If applicable, we will assist you in filing a claim for reimbursement.

The Cleanup Company Who Cares

PureOne Services St. Louis understands that unattended deaths are no ordinary circumstances. That’s why we treat you with respect and compassion in these situations. We’re available to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the cleanup process.

The need for prompt and thorough cleanup is critical to minimize damages and health risks, and to provide you with peace of mind. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to respond to these emergency situations.

We hope you’ll never need to call us for unattended death cleanup services. But if you find yourself in an unfortunate position, let us handle it for you discreetly and privately. We’ll work diligently to help you return back to normal.

Day or Night Emergency Damage Cleanup