Odor Removal

There are many reasons for lingering odors in a home or workplace. They can exist because of mold growth, animal waste, fires, drug labs, bodily fluids, or biohazardous materials. PureOne Services St. Louis offers cleanup and restoration services for all of those incidents, and odor removal is part of that process. However, there are other odors that may need attention.

Our Odor Removal Process

There are situations where stubborn odors remain even after a professional cleaning. Airing out the property and using air fresheners aren’t always enough to address unpleasant smells. Some smells just won’t dissipate without professional help.

PureOne Services St. Louis has the equipment, knowledge, and solutions to successfully remove odors completely and permanently.

Every situation is different, depending on the source and extent of the odors. Once we determine these factors, we can decide on the proper and most effective approach to remove the odors.

Our process can include the use of HEPA filtration to remove odor particles from the air. We will also thoroughly clean the area and items affected. If these steps aren’t sufficient to remove the smells, the process requires additional effort. For tougher odors, we apply a Thermal Fogger or Ozone Machine to apply professional odor-eliminating chemicals.

There are situations that require the removal of carpeting or furniture that have been penetrated with the smell. Depending on the materials and extent of penetration, these items may be salvageable by deep cleaning. If not, we will dispose of them properly.

If odors still remain after cleaning and removing everything possible, we’ll use an odor neutralizing chemical on surfaces and encapsulate them. We will do our best to salvage what we can and be as cost-effective as possible.

We Take Care of All Types of Odors

PureOne Services St. Louis has the knowledge and solutions to rid your home or workplace of the stench caused by the following sources.

  • Pet and Animal Waste. Odors left behind by urine or feces from your pets or other critters who have invaded your property can be tough to remove.
  • If you’ve had mold growing inside your home or business, it will leave a musty, earthy odor.
  • Drug Labs. Part of the cleanup process is to remove all residual odors remaining from the chemicals used to produce the drugs.
  • Bodily Fluids. If there has been an accident or death occurring on your property, there can be blood and other bodily fluids that remain and cause odors.
  • The trash and garbage buried under piles of accumulated stuff can result in lingering odors even after they are removed.
  • Cigarette/Marijuana Smoke. The stench of stale smoke can linger and permeate the entire building or vehicle.

Trust Your Local Restoration Specialists

PureOne Services St. Louis can clean and restore your home or commercial building no matter what the cause. We have successfully remediated situations like water damage, mold, crime scenes, biohazardous materials, and more.

If you have a persistent foul smell in your home or business, PureOne Services St. Louis can help. We will use our professional resources and knowledge to completely and safely eliminate the odors and ensure that they don’t return. You’ll be able to breathe clean, fresh air in your home or business once again.

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